IoT Analytics

IoT-related solutions will make it possible for data streams from smartphones, sensors, connected cars, social media and websites, among others, to be transmitted in real time. Real-time streaming will play a central role in the development of IoT analytics concepts. The increase in data volume will require entirely new analysis models that are able to react adequately to the data growth with adapted tools and algorithms.

With more and more devices, machines and things being connected to the Internet, the amount of data being generated is increasing rapidly. Today, this data is a valuable operational resource for companies. In order to read and evaluate it, however, appropriate tools are required – but the market already offers a fairly large selection today.

Analysis tools for the IoT sector are usually listed as business intelligence (BI) software. However, it should be kept in mind that some BI applications are certainly useful for analyzing IoT environments, but not all analysis tools are also suitable for analyzing IoT environments. In the next paragraphs we will show you some, interesting tools for analysis in IoT networks.

Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics

Microsoft’s Azure Stream Analytics will be integrated with Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Suite. This enables real-time analytics of IoT sensor data. Azure Stream Analytics also assists with AI-based real-time analytics. Interestingly, it works with other products in Microsoft Azure and Office 365, for example, PowerBI. The solution is fully integrated in the Azure cloud.

Microsoft PowerBI

The Microsoft Power BI data analysis and visualization tool has the advantage of being integrated into Office 365 and being very easy to use. It works together with Excel, among other things.

The software collects information from numerous sources, including IoT devices and sensors. Then, the data can be modeled, prepared and analyzed quickly and easily. With its user-friendly interface and data visualization tools, Power BI is a powerful tool in analysis.

Other Analytics Solutions for the Internet of Things

There are numerous other analytics tools for the IoT out there. Heres a list of some of the best known ones.

  • Oracle Stream Analytics und Oracle Edge Analytics
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • IBM Watson IoT Plattform
  • Cisco Data Analytics
  • AWS IoT Analytics

There are many analytics tools on the market that can be used to analyze IoT data. It is hardly possible to say which solution is best suited when a company is planning to deploy IoT analytics software. In any case, cloud solutions in particular, such as Azure Stream Analytics and AWS IoT Analytics, are quick to deploy and very scalable.